Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New post! Of the year 2011. I just saw a nice video on TED where the guy says it really helps him to have a diary. I think I shall keep one now. My memory isn't as good as I touted it to be. And there are some extraneous reasons why it really isn't the sharpest; those who know me, probably know what I am talking about ;)

So today, 12 July, during this 3 month vacation from Neuroscience, I have been doing a lot of creative stuff. Stuff. Just stuff.
Today I met Gideon, Purav, Eduard Leonard Fanthome (I love pronouncing his name), Kimberly Melissa Ann Roga (another nice name) and Sukhi, who is mostly sukhi. I had fun today to say the least. Vijaynagar is awesome; hot but awesome, dirty and fascinating. The people, their daily activities, the amalgamated buildings with a will-work-for-the-time-being infrastructure, everything is cool. Thats why we were filming something which turned out to be crap, but funny crap indeed.

I am hoping for more such sessions to come. I need a camera of my own soon, I really want to film.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I... dont know what i'm doing here again.. in 2010.

I'm in Germany by the way and on friday i turn 24.

I'm studying neuroscience. I read this blog now after more than two years... its strange reading something i wrote about my days from university. Yes, old self, for some reason i call it university now.

It was good to read about myself. I've changed a little.

I might come by here again... it just seems creepy for some reason. Like walked into someone else's dead journal.


See u and take care of yourself.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Oh well...

end of the semester. Hmmm. It feeeeels like the end of college.

It isnt. Not for me anyway. But, for these two, my closest buddies........its over. And its hard on moi. I'm a man who doesnt open up properly. Now i never will.

Ishita. Remember Supersonic? "I knew a girl called Elsa, she's into Alka Seltzer...."

Or how about I am the walrus. Ur the eggman?

I loooowed having those weird, long, endless conversations. Positively adored the fights. Had too much fun man. Not fair man. Why should you have to leave before me ?


Yaar, mein ki kahan? hun mere naal Sheela de kadvi chaa kon piyuga? Te mere naal kmc greens te chadhaooga kon? Te menu kudiyon de pichhe lagaooga kon?
Tun kaanu chala gaya yaar....hun bahut yaad aundi hai teri pravaa!!

You two never forget the good times okay??! Never!

Neither will i. ;-)

WOOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!! forever.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I should apologise for not blogging.

Bah! why should i? Its my bloody blog anyway. I would virtually piss on it if i could. Maybe there's an algo to develop that visual....hmm...

Thats been the whole problem really.....Algo's! I love-and-dont-really-hate them. They've been my wife, mistress and nanny for quite a while now. And i'm not talking about the 'i like to make neat flowcharts..lol!' algo's either. These are about complex math. So you cant really tell what your solving in the end.

But its all good.


Wierd ass sem to go with it. Too busy! Can you even imagine an average MITian being busy??
OF course you can. Why, we could be busy doing nothing right? But no! They have to make things tiring and laborious. Getting fuckin lab print-outs is a pain in the transverse colon. Yeah, thats how bad it is.

A few things i've observed after coming back:

1. Sheela chai is getting worse. If thats possible of course. But, whatever....sheela is sheela. The place my brain chooses to unwind in. Eating stale vada-sambar, drinking afore mentioned tea, enjoying Sundar Anna's antics (By Jove, the man deserves a role in a movie....kundu movie obviously maccha!).....ah! thats the life...

2. I somehow dont like drinking anymore.


I cant explain it. Its part of my new save-my-liver-save-myself fitness regimen.

Nah...dont care two hoots about my liver. But, this no-alcohol (alright fine....very little alcohol), tea-totaller behavior is very new to me. Leaves people flabbergasted. (GRE wordlists.....under 'G' )

3.The foodcourt is an amazing place.

Yes sir, that first floor is the best first floor in the Udupi district! Its the only place to brushen up your latent ornithology skills. A lot of fun indeed. It just never siezes to amaze! The natural beauty, the wonderful smell of food i cant afford, the BIG SCREEN T.V, the air conditioning, the wild, untamed natural beauty........well you get the picture. They come in green tops with white, tight lowers. Aye Prashanth, next KMC class okay?! ;-)

4. The NEW play:

Its cool. Its not a comedy. And its freaaaakin haaaaard!!!
Im supposed to be all secretive about it so i wont disclose the name of the play untill told to do so. YEAH FINE!!

One word. Td-ing!

5. Moha's-the blog:

I like it. Its bold. And its full of delayed, but intensified, teenage angst.
As well as a very humorous and highly informative description of the wonderful punjabi culture through the eyes of a typical punjabi male. So all you snooty art-lit types......piss off if it hurts your sentiments.

6.My heart goes POP!

Yes, its from that soppy chick flick Music and Lyrics. Hugh Grant is a funny guy. And he's a bit high on the estrogen.
I wrote that because i too am going POP!, WHIZZ! and BANG! Every other day...every other minute really. Because of my frequent visits to place in question in point 3. Pay attention!

I hope i stay like this for a long time. Single and unattractive. But, at the same time free to gawk and stare at the 'kudiyan' because im not much of a threat to their BIG boyfriends. (Please dont hurt me!)

7. Two obsessions:

a)Scooby doo....the gaming parlour! OOOOOSSSuuuu!
b)Heroes......i love Hiro and Ando! the whole damn thing should be about them.

So untill next time.
I bid piss-well. I mean farewell.

Tata! :-)

Friday, December 29, 2006

Ah. Finally.

So its been long. Havent had the time really....blogging is the sort of thing i do when i'm totally jobless. And i'm totally utterly jobless only in Manipal.

So what to write about?

Things i've done in the past two weeks (some of it really interesting.....well to me atleast)

1. My project!
To tell you the truth i consider my semester in manipal a picnic compared to this. As my burnt brothers from the Bronx would say "This the shiiiiit !!" . Uh huh.
Yup this is the shit. IIT delhi. Friggin huge! (first reaction), daunting, cold......well its winter so....er....yeah.

Got lost tryin to find the department. When i found the prof's chamber it was kinda unimpressive. One little cubicle with no heater, no lab equipment, workbench or tools. Just a comp.........huh.
Anyhow, got my project sorted out. Its pretty cool. So i've spent the last two weeks (barring two holidays) drinking coffee and tea and soldering this tiny chip to a PCB. Its fun really......and nothing goes better with espresso than solder vapours.......mmmm....trust me.

Anyway the prof's a real nice guy and a real brain too. IIT Kharagpur and Stanford so you can imagine. Helps me out a lot with my circuit and clears doubts about the chip. Its a good team effort! something that my pathetic college will never put in.........waste.

2. Bus-Auto-walk:

It takes me just too friggin long to get to the campus. 2.5 hrs each way!! But the buses are nice. Uncomfortable, yes, but you do get time alone to yourself to think stuff over. Not just the project. Other stuff. Like what the other people in the bus must be doing at their offices. Most of them go to Nehru Place. I suppose they're in one of those small but profitable businesses and trading organizations. Hmmmm.........boring work to me but hey its a living i guess.

Buses are nice. Dirty, yes, but you get to be part of the common man's chariot. And what a fine chariot it is. I actually feel a lot safer in a bus than in a car. Go Diesel its ya birthday, we gonna party cause its ya birthday....Go Go Go Go.....umm......er........heh.

Also, its cheap!! heh heh.

"Mayur Vihar, Noida Mod, Nizamuddin, Kale Khan, Maharani Baag, Kalka Ji, Nehru Place, NEHRU PLACE, N E H R U P L A C E!!!!!!!"

Chugga chugga chugga.....pffffish.

3. Many meetings:

I was very sad on the train coming here. Basically because Ishita and Moha where going away next sem and i was alone on the train. More for ishita. Well i wont go into that....

Anyhow i met Mohu first at the station. He took his damned heavy PC. But it was good to see a friendly face on arrival.

I met Ishita, Jhelum and Ara on the 18th. Pretty soon by my standards, but then i wanted to anyway. And because i wouldnt be able to meet jhelum for a long time after that. They shopped at Janpath. I got dragged along into Janpath. Thank god for Kaustubh Mittal. Comic relief.

Then i met up with some old buddies and headed off to the HT Youth Nexus. It was at The DU Polo Grounds. Right.

None of us knew where North Campus was, forget the damn Polo grounds. We went off on a tangent to the outer ring road (according to my IITian friend Sagar.....gee wiz). Soon we were on the GT road on our way to Chandigarh.
After frantic calls to DU organizers, we found are way to the friggin Polo grounds and guess what!....apart from us, there were like 50 people there.

But the show must go on! And it did. Horribly chugging its way through the Western Vocals and the college rock competition exactly like the DTC bus i had taken on may back from the campus the day before. Except the latter didnt have Himes Ji farting in your face through 1000 watt amps.

After a titillating fashion contest (i've always wanted to use that word hehe) we buggered off to our respective camps, fighting our way through traffic.

Apart from that i met up with Mohu and Prerna at CP. Had Bindal's tea. Once, twice, three times. Then roamed around CP in a circular fashion. Well, i suppose thats because CP is circular.

And today i met up with Ishita and roomie Keshav for some good old fashioned bakchodi. Fun, fun.

4. Madden NFL and american football:

After playing the video game i am thoroughly convinced that there is sufficient reason for the Americans to like this brutal game.

Its actualy a game built solely on strategy.
The game is more like winning mini battles to finally win the war, as is quite evident from the overall look of the game.

Go Patriots!! Woohoo! Gimme a P, Gimme an A, Gimme a.........uh.....mm...yeah sorry.

5. And so it shall be:

Well God is very quick these days.
Mohu goes through the trouble of having to say an emotionaly laden goodbye. Ditto for Ishita.

Only to find out that he cant do his project here because of new anti-database rules in the CSE dept. Haha...now he's gonna get himself a decent enough project to complete in 4 months time. Or 4 weeks time and relax the rest of the way.

Ditto for Ishita. Well, almost. And Ara.
I am happy i say :-)

Well thats all for now folks. More updates will come when Lord Micturat-a-lot can control his bladder. Buhbye.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here's a look at the semester gone by.

I arrived on the 23rd of July. Very enthusiastic, a little afraid. I was never in awe of 3rd year or how tough my seniors made it sound. Never really gave a F.
Its just that i was scared of committing to too many things. It was like looking out of your window to find a notepad and a pen waiting for you to start work. This, lying on top of a four storey pile of imaginary, yet important, study material.

But, there was never really a doubt on committing to Dramanon. I love acting, but i love the people who i work with even more.

Well anyhow we started of the practice sessions around mid-August. Cool auditions. Found some gems. Polished others. Akanksha turned out to be an uncut diamond. Rare brilliance. Also, her work ethic is amazing and very enviable.

I got a relatively small role this time. It wasnt something incredible like any of the one's before. It was infact...very boring. I had to come up with something very outrageous to make it even remotely funny. I chose Gay. I chose right. Well, almost.

(Music i was listening too: Thievery Corporation, Floyd, Dj Tiesto)

New subjects, new and interesting ways to get a headache. Microprocessors this time. For all the horror stories i'd heard, it didnt turn out to be much. I loved the programming bit. Micro lab was one of those rare occasions when i cold actually concentrate enough to solve something. I enjoyed every moment of quiet desperation and sudden enlightenment.

KMC was as harrowing as ever. New subjects which just seemed like pages out of a manual for lab instruments. They dont know what to teach us, we dont know what to learn. Lets get together and break our heads on the wall.

Also, i had to go to the Cancer hospital for some lectures. It made me very sad. I hated my class for walking around in there shouting at the top of their voices. Stupid females. Have some freakin respect? No. Ever bother to think of the poor people there? Say a prayer perhaps? No.

I approached my ex-HOD for projects. He gave me two. One under my teacher. Her doctoral thesis. She got married so everything went to Pluto. I studied stuff i already new becuase she'd asked me too. I asked her about her progress. She looked nervous, so i dropped it. Sad college.

(Music: Blackfield, Porcupine tree....masterclass)

First sessionals. Hard to get through. Harder to get marks. Partied even harder! Ishita's birthday was around that time. Thank God she reads books.

Practice went on as usual. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes inspiring (Bhops and the grass effect).
October 2. Mangy show. God how i despise that place. Good party though. Dhruv should've been there.

October 8. THE show. Here, at home. Where everyone was our age. Where inhibitions were lost; dialogues forgotten, but new one's, even funnier, conjured! Hat tricks or wat? Whole lotta fun and a whole lotta laughter. Sharanya, Satya and Rao were there. Missed Ritu and the Powerpuff. Missed Ritu more :-(

Secunda la sessionaaal. A cake walk. Only four papers!!!

(Music: Bob Marley and the Wailers)

Diwali time. Hmmmm.....confusion begins. Clarity refuses to marry me.

Scooby doo beckoned, i answered. Again and again and again and again.....
Video games + footie with Ajit....two more things that let me forget about my brain. Joga Bonito!

I wish it could have been Ole Ole Ole forever. I wish i could have been Stone Man again. Not to be.

After is no event. Maddenings happenings.

Third sessional. Hmmmmm'ed my way through it. Bloody Orkut bloody.

Farewell! Adieu my lovely seniors. Jhelum i will miss you like hell. Ara, i'll remember the good times, i will, i will.
Mohu.....you know what i'll say. WaheGuru ji da khalsa, WaheGuru ji di fateh....:-p

Confusings causings serial port detonations in nuclie of frontal lobe. HypoF***inthalamus going tralalalala....
End sems start.
Rao and company back. Nice, nice.

Breathing easy, starting to get back to the way i was....And........done! yipeee!

(Music: Radiohead. Bob fighting for space. Seldom winning any.)

Now i am here. Typing. End sems remaining= 2. Easy does it. Dont go kaboom.

So all in all,
I have achieved 0, nil, zilch this semester.

I really should start giving a F!

Ha haha haha....this is soo cool.....

Thursday, November 30, 2006

MS Ipod Parody

What happens if Microsoft had designed the Ipod?